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Clear Acrylic Floor

Clear Acrylic Floor (starting cost)



Have you ever wanted to walk on water?

Our amazing crystal clear floor was designed and engineered by us for a client that desired a very unique experience over a pool. Now, we have mastered assembling and maintaining this floor for a diverse number of applications for the best experience possible.

This is a one-of-a-kind design that presents the most amount of crystal clear surface available. The floor utilizes beams that are 48” apart from each other, ensuring the best open experience possible!

In addition to installing this floor over pools, we have installed it over open water as well including the Ohio River. We have designs that include installing the clear acrylic floor over pools, fountains, rivers, lakes, and ponds.

The cost of a typical basic pool size and design starts at $10,000.

Please call an Event Specialist at (513) 271-6510 to determine pricing.